September 9, 2010

The Prodigal Son

Once there was a father with two sons. They lived on a big farm. The father loved his sons. He took good care of them. One day one son said, "Father, you promised to give me money someday. I want it NOW!" So the father gave his son the money.

The son wanted to live far away from his family. The son packed his clothes and began walking away from his family. The father felt sad. While the son was gone, the father waited and waited for the son to come home.

When the son got to the new place, he spent his money until it was all gone. His nice clothes became dirty and torn. Soon he didn't have enough food to eat.

The son went to work feeding some pigs. As he worked, the son thought, "Even the men who work for my father have food to eat." The son decided, "I'll go back home!"

So the son began walking home. He walked and walked and walked. Soon he saw his father's farm. When he was almost there, he could see someone running down the road toward him! It was his FATHER running to meet him!

"Oh father, "the son said, "I spent ALL the money you gave me. I am very sorry." The father loved his son and was glad he had come back home. How glad the son was that his father loved him and forgave him.

Jesus told this story to help us learn that God is loving and kind, just like the father in the story. We can show God's love by being kind and forgiving to each other.

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