March 24, 2017

King James Only Debate

James White debates Jack Moorman on whether the KJV is superior to modern translations due to the manuscripts used.

Hat Tip: YouTube

King James Only?

Yesterday a couple of “KJV Only” folks told me that because I read the NIV, NLT, and ESV translations of The Bible that I am reading books that have a false spirit and a false Jesus.

I was speechless!

Since when does English trump Aramaic, Hebrew, or Greek languages? Honestly, I don’t believe it does!

According to the above picture meme the KJV would be considered a “modern perversion” because the Hebrew and Greek languages came before the KJV.

This meme is a foolish argument that takes away from the cross of Christ.

If there is anyone out there who loves Jesus and is reading a Bible translation other than KJV, take heart, God sees you!

In debating these individuals I shared a couple of links from the internet and was told they don’t use commentaries or sites ran by man, that they are all the opinion of man.

I was dumbfounded.

The above meme IS a type of commentary written by man, yet this person discerned in his own mind it was okay and shared it.

I was told the meme was Scripture and not commentary.


The KJV will never be superior to the Greek text on which it is based.